Heat load and hydraulic adjustment

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Scan all rooms with a camera and get the fastest calculation on the European market. Save up to 12 hours per project!
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Automatically capture room geometries
Thanks to the built-in LiDAR scanner in Apple Pro devices (iPhone and iPad), Room geometries automatically recorded in just a few seconds become. As a result Not applicable the need for a folding rulers or laser. The room is evaluated using artificial intelligence, after which the heating load is automatically calculated.

175m2 house in just 15 minutes!
Easy post-processing directly in the 3D model
Outer wall or inner wall in an unheated room? These values also do not have to be entered manually, but can simply be determined in the model. Simply click on the component, define what is present, and the heat load is calculated correctly. It really couldn't be easier. Our experience shows: In only 30 to 45 seconds The recording of a room is complete.
Smart functionalities based on the 3D model
With the captured digital model, the Dimensions of introduction of products are automatically reconciled. In addition, the model can be used to Generate 2D plans perform from which dimensions can be extracted.

What data is obtained from the 3D scan?

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With the 3D scan, all room geometries such as room area, room height, window area, door area and many other points are automatically determined.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

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To use the LiDAR scan, you need an iPad or iPhone Pro, which has a LiDAR scanner installed. You also need at least iOS 17 on the device. To use the scanner, you must check out our iOS app download, the scan is only available via this.

Do I absolutely need an Apple device?

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Yes, the 3D scanner is only available with a suitable Apple device.

Can I view or download the 3D model later?

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Yes, after recording a room, the 3D scan is available for you to view or download.

“Since we've been using autarc, we've been driving We no longer go directly to every customer. Through the Qualification During the heat pump check, we only deal with customers who are really interested in a heat pump.”
Philip Walter
Managing Director
Thomas Mehner Haustechnik
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