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Recommend us to your colleagues and help us make autarc the leading platform for selling and planning heating systems. For everyone who supported us in this, we have
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The autarc partner program offers you attractive opportunities to benefit from a recommendation of our software
Attractive commissions of up to 500€ per customer
250€ credit
Individual promotional material (upon request)
Personal referral link
No obligations or minimum sales
Quick and reliable support

How do I become an autarc partner?

you register About our formto recommend autarc to customers, colleagues or other acquaintances. We will review your request and get back to you by phone.
We provide you individual promotional material available and a individual referral link. After the successful recommendation, an interested party signs up for a live demo with one of our personal customer advisors.
For every contract you have concluded, you will receive a attractive commission. For your recommendation, you will receive a credit note on the next invoice.

Many actively recommend us to others, we look forward to working with you

Etienne-Noel Krause
Founder and Managing Director (CEO)
“With our partner program, we have developed an attractive offer for everyone who would like to actively recommend us.”
Thies Hansen
Founder and CEO (COO)
“We are pleased to see what an active community has developed around autarc. Companies see the potential of our software and recommend us to their colleagues. Only together can we master the energy revolution.”

Do you have any further questions?

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Etienne-Noel Krause
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*Premiums that exceed the exemption limit of 256€ per calendar year are subject to income tax for private individuals. **The partner program is currently exclusively for existing autarc customers.
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